Assistant Scientist
Vollum Institute
Oregon Health Sciences University
PhD Harvard Medical School
BA Swarthmore College

Arpiar Saunders

Principal Investigator

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Arpiar “Arpy” Saunders earned his B.A. in Biology and Linguistics from Swarthmore College in 2006.


He researched wild-flower genomes at the University of Montana before moving to Harvard Medical School for doctoral and postdoctoral training. At Harvard, Saunders earned his Ph.D. in Neuroscience in the lab of Bernardo Sabatini, studying the synaptic organization of the mouse brain. As a Helen Hay Whitney Fellow in Steve McCarroll’s lab, he used single-cell genomics to describe molecular diversity of brain cells.


Saunders joined the Vollum Institute as an Assistant Scientist in 2020.

Open Positions




(please email Arpy with cover letter and CV if interested)


• Lab Manager & Molecular Biologist

• Staff Molecular Biologist / Virologist

• Software Engineer / Bioinformatician

We are excited to  mentor undergrad researchers in our laboratory

-Semester research can be arranged for local undergrads (including PSU, Reed, Lewis and Clark)

- Summer research is available to non-local students as well



We are accepting graduate students through the following OHSU PhD programs:

- Neuroscience Graduate Program (NGP)


We are accepting postdoc applications